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Indie Model | Lindseyrae Michels

Lindseyrae Michels

“Modeling has always been a dream and a strong passion of mine. Since I was a little girl I’ve enjoyed being in front of cameras and portraying creatively in a photo.

I have a very outgoing and energetic personality, and like to put different looks together to see how far I can take it.

To wear fashion from famous designers and inspire others is a huge ambition. I also have another goal: I’m currently in school working on my major in marketing and minor in psychology. Being 20 I have an enormous amount of dedication and am determined to follow and conquer my dreams as a model.”

Age: 20; Height: 5’9″; Location: Los Angeles, CA

On Model Mayhem


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Forecast | Catherine Yoon, Model / Singer

Catherine Yoon

I am half Korean and half Irish which is why I have the lighter hair and green eyes.

CATHERINE YOON | Los Angeles, CA | model mayhem | facebook

“I love modeling and have been in love with the performing arts since I was a little girl. I am also a classically trained singer since age 13.”

Photo: Ben Miller

FB Fans


Catherine Yoon’s interest in music began at a young age in Longmont, Colorado. She attended the Central City Opera house and began piano lessons before starting the first grade.

At age 11, she started her private voice lessons with baritone Allen Goltz.

At thirteen she traveled to Washington D.C to study with an instructor from the Opera International Company as well as assisted with the production of “Dialogues of the Carmelites”. While residing in Arizona, Catherine studied for two years with soprano Yun-gi Clark.

During three years of her high school career, Catherine attended the Colorado Springs Conservatory of Music under the tutelage of Julliard alumni Linda Weise, as well as instructor Judy Shay-Burnes of the Mannes Conservatory of Music. Both of them were with the Colorado Springs Conservatory, which Catherine attended for three years under a rigorous music schedule.

While attending the conservatory, Catherine performed as the lead in Mozart’s “Bastien und Bastienna” as Bastienna. Catherine has participated in several masterclasses, which includes a masterclass and coaching with Joan Sutherland. She performed two seasons of “Amahl and Night Visitors” in a joint project with the Colorado Springs Conservatory and the Colorado Springs Philharmonic.

From 2004-2007, Catherine attended summer youth workshops at the Central City Opera Company and performed in various opera scenes. In 2007 Catherine attended the University of Arizona where she majored in Vocal Performance with a minor in Business. From 2007-2010 Catherine used her time at the University of Arizona as an opportunity to explore other genres. In conjunction with her classical studies, she participated in a metal group, Celtic band and a folk/pop duo in which she performed in various venues throughout the communit

In 2010 Catherine moved to Los Angeles where she accepted a position with a modeling agency as well as to pursue and explore other musical genres Los Angeles has to offer.



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MODELS.com | Faces from Milan Spring / Summer Men’s Shows 2012


Although technically the next batch of fashion weeks (Spring / Summer) don’t come around until September / October, Milan and Paris have special men’s fashion showcases that take place weeks earlier.

Milan’s just wrapped up, and in that spirit, Models.com has a great bunch of new faces from the Milan shows, photographed by Saverio Cardia.


Elvis Jankus, FashionModel.it

You’ll note Milan agencies Why Not Models,  I Love Models Management. and Independent Men prominently represented in the list, as well as agencies Fashion, Elite. and Wiener (Germany).








Full list of models:

Anderson Weisheimer ELITE
André Feulner I LOVE
Axel Gillot FASHION
Benedikt Angerer WIENER
Bo Develius WHY NOT
Caleb Trent I LOVE
Chris Garcia WHY NOT
Conrad Leadley INDEPENDENT
Denis Georgiev INDEPENDENT
Duco Ferre ELITE
Elvis Jankus FASHION
Florian Van Bael WHY NOT
Jacob Young WHY NOT
Jake Cooper WHY NOT
James Smith FASHION
Jamie Wise ELITE
Jonny George FASHION
Laszlo Ricciardi I LOVE
Leebo I LOVE
Lennart Richether INDEPENDENT
Lessandro Reyniers WHY NOT
Louis Galloway I LOVE
Mathe Madsen ELITE
Marlon Verdam I LOVE
Patrick O’Donnel WHY NOT
Rael Costa WHY NOT
Sebastian Eloy INDEPENDENT




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Forecast | Jose P. Sal

By Pablo AvionMusic as heard on SPIN

Jose P. Sal

I am sure once I get a little exposure everything else will take care of itself.

JOSE P. SAL | Bronx, NY | model mayhem

“You can call me ‘next,’ because I will be the next big thing 🙂 I work hard and I am very persistent when it comes to something I really want, and strive for the best. I am very confident in what I can bring to the table but haven’t met the right people, I just need one foot in the door. I am sure once I get a little exposure everything else will take care of itself.”

Jose P. Sal | model mayhem


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Indie Model | Sharri Sutton

By Pablo AvionMusic as heard on SPIN

Why is our first “Indie Model Monday” on Tuesday?

This is an excellent question.

  • “Indie Model Monday” just occurred to us today, which is Tuesday.
  • We could have waited until next Monday, but that would have required patience, which — let’s face it — is not cool.
  • Future Indie Model Mondays will probably be on Monday, unless we can’t get to it until Tuesday, or we decide to add more models on Wednesday. Or Friday. But not Thursday. Okay, maybe Thursday.

We received so many submissions for our “new faces” feature … more than 100 in a little over one day!

If you submitted, we probably loved you, because we truly love people. And there were many excellent faces … if you submitted, you’re still in the running for next week!

We received more than 100 submissions in about 1 day. If you submitted, you’re still in the running for next week.

Until then, please welcome our first New Model Monday, DJ / model Sharri Sutton.

SHARRI SUTTON | NY, NY | web | model mayhem

“I am from los angeles, pursuing my modeling career out here in new york and finding a balance with dj-ing in a way that i could combine fashion music and art.”

Sharri Sutton | web | model mayhem


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Contest to Model for Tiziano Magni and Lookbooks.com

By Pablo AvionMusic as heard on SPIN

Thanks to the Major Management blog for turning me on to this opportunity for models.

Tiziano Magni has a portfolio that encompasses the “plus famous” (as they say in French)* fashion and beauty clients in the world. (*In France it’s pronounced “ploo famous,” though actually it would be “ploo fameux,” but I prefer to say “pluhs famooks,” ‘cuz I’m sort of ignorant.)

If you went anywhere or did anything in the ’90s, you probably saw his Calvin Klein underwear ads featuring Kate Moss and Michael Bergin. But as you can see, he’s just one of these amazing photographers who makes everything look amazing.

If you went anywhere or did anything in the ’90s, you probably saw Magni’s work.

Now the creative dynamos at Talenthouse.com, in conjunction with everyone’s favorite Lookbooks.com, are giving models a chance to pose for the iconic photographer.

“But that’s not all” (as they say on late-night TV). You also get a “dream team” composed of:

HAIR | Marco Santini and Lena Ott of ION Studio NYC
MAKEUP | Talia Shobrook
LOCATION | Cult Studios NYC
STYLIST | Robert Mitchell

Apply Here

Originally blogged by TalentHouse.com via MAJOR MANAGEMENT


Model: Edie Campbell, Viva Paris

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New Model Signings

New Signings is where we introduce you to models who have been newly signed to agencies around the world, complete with pictures, bios and agency profiles.

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New Faces

New Faces introduces the modeling world to newly signed agency models and promising independent models.

Submit AT modelnews.com

We also tell you a little about the models, their work philosophy, outlook on life and relevant links (Facebook, Twitter, Model Mayhem, websites, etc.).

New models are constantly entering the marketplace, showcasing the latest fashions and trends, and our goal is to showcase them here.

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