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Funny Photoshop Jobs + Vote for Your Favorite Model

Thanks to the Elite Management blog and Talenthouse.com for today’s story.

It seems Talenthouse.com will be giving you a chance to vote for your favorite models on July 1st.

While surfing around Talenthouse, we couldn’t resist you turning you onto this story of Top 10 Best and Worst Photoshop Jobs.

Oh, and here’s the Absolute WORST (or Best) Celebrity Photoshop Jobs, because those are the ones we know you really want to see, sickos.


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Michael Stipe and Kanye West at Milan Fashion Week

Now here’s a fuzzy and fairly incongruous pair.

You can barely make them out, but according to GQFashion’s mobile video stream, this is Kanye West and Michael Stipe at Louis Vuitton Mens Spring ’12 finale.



Via @GQFASHION Twitter

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