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Spring Eighty Seven Model Reel

Spring Eighty Seven

These models are friends as well as contacts through friends or Facebook.

This video was to showcase the models, my videography and music producer Justin Jansport J.

I am represented by VB|PR.

Spring Eighty Seven is when I was born. Every year I’ve been photographed by my father with a camera, and from that mom would paint pictures.

Spring was the season I was born, and my mother was diagnosed with cancer in the spring, and a year later in the spring was back to herself.

From one to spring to the next there were changes that had to be kept up with. Things had to change for her to get better in that time period.

Spring Eighty Seven means artistic change. I’m able to learn and build upon my visuals every season, full circle.

MODELS | Contact Andrew through Victoria Berry PR

Sulem | Glo | Marz Lovejoy | Tennille | Elia | Victoria | Cristina | Kobra Kaream | Olivia | Heather | Rica | Nikko | Ann | Kyle | Shannon

Jansport J – “Never Enough” (Slow Down Love)


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