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Meet The B Group

The B Group: Getting Clients on the “A” List

model-600238_960_720The “holy grail” for any talent, of course, is media exposure. And that’s where The B Group comes in. Created by Stacey Bogard, The B Group is currently a “ninja team” of six specialists, working with one goal in mind: media exposure for clients.


Q:What makes The B Group special or unique?

The B Group is an elite group of Marketing and Advertising industry professionals who specialize in obtaining a maximum amount of credible media exposure for our clients.

The key isn’t just any media exposure. It’s credible media exposure. With that in mind, The B Group employs specialists made up of publicists, journalist, photographers, and talent agents. Each associate is an expert in their industry, specializing in taking brands and talent to the next level in their business and careers. The B Group merges the expertise of several marketing and advertising experts, and together we create stories through editorials with clients’ names or brands strategically integrated. We publish them in regional, national, and international magazines.


The B Group employs specialists made up of publicists, journalist, photographers, and talent agents.

Q:What motivates you to do what you do? Who do you work with?

Our passion and mission is helping aspiring models and emerging designers get off on the right foot, with professional packaging and marketing.

The B Group makes our PR available to aspiring models, musicians, and designers. We help creative artists of all types publish their work for all the world to see. We give models, musicians, and designers access to publish their work in national media outlets. We guarantee results. We believe in showing our valued clients marketing solutions and ways to gain publicity.


We help aspiring models, musicians, and designers.

Q:Why should emerging talent work with The B Group?

Our service guarantees models, musicians and designers national credible media coverage. Our main goal is to partner emerging designers with aspiring models and publish their partnership.


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