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Reports from Models

Working models let everyone know where they are, who they’re working for, and what they’re up to.

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The world of modeling involves a lot travel and fun, but obviously it’s also a lot of hard work. Being a model means looking glamorous and “on” in front of the camera, but it also means being punctual and professional at all times.

It can also mean lost luggage, missed flights, as well as unexpected adventures and fun detours that  make all the kookiness and hard work worthwhile.

Models regularly travel to shoots in other cities, or even to international fashion weeks places like New York, London, Los Angeles, Milan or Paris. Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Brazil: really the sky’s the limit.

Travel’s a terrific and fun part of the modeling world.

“Letters from the Field” is where we’ll post updates from models, letting you know where they are, what they’re doing, with links to their Twitter or other accounts, so you can follow your favorite models’ adventures.



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