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Interview with Valerie Vivier

Belarus native and international model Valerie Vivier has blossomed in Los Angeles. We caught up with Valerie just before returning to her homeland and had a chance to ask her some questions about modeling, Belarus and men.


Q:Tell us about your experience as a model?

Growing up in Belarus every girl is encouraged to model, so my mother enrolled me to the most famous agency when I was 12 years old. Being a daughter of a military family and only child I was always extremely disciplined so it was a good fit. I’m a bit of a perfectionist so even the most difficult shoots were a great challenge that I embraced.

Being a daughter of a military family I was always extremely disciplined.

Q:What’s something about yourself that might surprise people?

My appearance and inner world do not fully correspond with each other; I may look like vanilla girl, but really I’m a lover of adrenaline and thrill seeker / adrenaline junkie, and love action sports. I bungee jump, skydive, kick box, surf am a champion jet-skier. I don’t procrastinate; if I want to do something I DO IT .. I don’t believe in waiting.

I don’t procrastinate; if I want to do something I DO IT.

Q:Tell us a bit about yourself?

Traveling a lot as a child I’ve lived in almost every country on the EU continent, China, Africa, Asia. Last year when I visited Miami and Los Angeles I decided to study acting and pursue my dream. Acting has always been my choice profession; even as a small child I promised my childhood class that one day I would say “hello” from Hollywood. Plus I’m incredibly good at it. ; )

Q:I heard you owned a very popular flower shop in Belarus?

Yes, it was the best flower shop in the city; we buy gorgeous flowers in Holland, England and Ecuador. People would love to come to me and my mom’s shop at all hours of the day to get the most beautiful arrangements and for marital / love advice.

People would love to come to my mom’s shop for marital / love advice.

Q:What’s your favorite flower, museum and city?

I love black tulips, the Van Gogh in Amsterdam and L.A. of course.

Q:What do you find attractive in a man?

He should be funny and successful of course, love rock music and be an adventurist.


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