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Interview with Anita Hodosi, Q Management

by Egomeli Hormeku

She’s laid back and “not into extreme things.” And yet she’s a sports enthusiast and painter: not to mention fashion maven and consummate professional. Meet Anita Hodosi of Q Management.



Interview with Anita Hodosi

Q:Tell us one random thing about yourself.

I have a fish named Hermelina. I got her as a Christmas present from my boyfriend. I love her. She’s my first pet in New York!

Q:When did you realize you wanted to become a model?

I was 14 years old and I was in a sports school!

I injured myself really badly, so I had to give up sports. I decided to try modeling.

I visited a Hungarian modeling agency and then 2 months later I found myself in Asia, working as a model. : )

Q:What is the favorite piece of clothing you’ve ever owned?

I got a pair of Levi’s vintage pants in Paris 5 years ago, that I cut short …. I’ve worn them non-stop since then: summer, winter with tights … they never get old!

Q:On your day off, what are you most likely to be caught doing?

Sleeping : ) My favorite thing to do! To be honest, I’m not into extreme things.

I love reading, painting, and every kind of sport.

I love hanging with my friends and movies, too … I can watch 3-4 movies a day if it’s too cold outside and I don’t want to do anything.

Q:What’s going through your mind during shoots / shows?

Shows: please don’t fall … please don’t fall.

Shootings can be so different. When we’re shooting a bikini catalog outside in the cold, I’m swearing to myself that I’ll never do this again, but when we’re on a beach with a cool crew, doing something fun, I feel like I’m the luckiest person on Earth!

I talk a lot with the people around me. I like to get to know them, so my mind is quite free from my life when I work.

Q:Who are some of your favorite designers now?

Giambattista Valli, Jason Wu and Jil Sander!

They make amazing pieces of clothing … some of them are more like works of art.

Q:What is your favorite Fashion Week memory (whether modeling or following)?

Last fashion week, I did a show for Betsey Johnson. It’s always fun to work with her and her team. They redesigned the whole backstage: everything was pink and flowery with candies, cupcakes and flowers. We all got different kind of wigs, amazing makeup and funky nails. It was her big comeback. We did a champagne workout in the finale, with all the models on the runway and Betsey.

Betsey Johnson is such an inspiration to me. So much fun, always kind to everyone, and she can still do a cartwheel.

It was pretty awesome. I had a fun dinner with friends afterward, so it was just a perfect day.

Q:What do you believe makes a great look?

A smile! You have to feel comfortable in your outfit: that’s really important, from there it doesn’t matter.

You can be a hippie, a classy businesswoman, a rockstar or a crazy cat lady … if your dresses are mirroring your personality, you will look amazing!

Q:Do you consider yourself an artist or the art? Why?

I do paint. But just for myself. I wouldn’t call that art or myself an artist. It’s more like a fun, relaxing thing to do.

Actually, I just did a 3D butterfly decor on my wall and everyone said it looks incredibly good … so maybe it is somewhere in me.

Q:What’s your favorite part about the profession?

I love the traveling part the most. That I can see the world, explore new places and meet new people.

You learn a lot about everything when you find yourself on the other side of the world, in a completely different culture.

It can be way out of your comfort zone, but you still have to manage it. Models often have to deal with that at quite a young age, so we discover ourselves, which is also really excellent.

Q:What advice do you have for aspiring models?

It’s a job … you always have to remember that! Always be cooperative and take direction when you work.

Q:What do you like best and dislike most about the modeling industry?

The good things, as I said, are traveling, meeting new, interesting people every day, and of course the makeovers. : ) Honestly, we are girls. They do our hair, makeup every day and they give us designer clothes to pose in … who wouldn’t like that!

What I dislike is that some of the “friendships” can turn out fake; a lot of people just want to use you.

Also people who don’t know much about the industry can be scornful to you, because they think you’re just a pretty girl with no brain, and they don’t even give you a chance to prove anything different.

I know we aren’t saving the world with our job, but we work hard and we are just like everyone else.

Q:How would you define your personal style?

My friends always say about my clothes, “it’s really ‘Anita style’!” To me, my style is really clean and easy. I don’t like sparkles or when something is ‘too much’. On other people it can look amazing, but when I try it on, I just don’t feel it.

I don’t go ‘fashion crazy!’ I have designer clothes but I mix them with cheap pieces. I like to be comfortable.

Last summer I walked into the agency and they were shocked that I look basically naked. I didn’t realize until they told me; I just felt good in the outfit that day, haha.

Q:Where do you get your inspiration?

My dreams, books, movies, music, nature, animals, other peoples’ lives … and my life!


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  1. Sara Donald says:

    Great portraits, love the intensity of Anita. She has a very unique quality.



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