Interview: Actor Gina Holden

Actor / model / dancer Gina Holden is one of those rare jewels you sometimes stumble upon in life.

Dazzling good looks are rare. Intelligence is rarer. But a true dose of human kindness makes the first two pale in comparison. Gina is simply one of those people who has it all, and is dedicated to making the lives of others better, most recently through her company’s sponsorship of the Special Olympics.

You may know Gina from her work in LUX, Harper’s Island, Flash, BloodTies, Smallville, Supernatural, Saw 3D, Aliens vs Predator – Requiem, or A Family Thanksgiving with Faye Dunaway, among many other roles.

It’s hard not to like Gina Holden right off the bat, as you’ll see in the following interview.

MN: こんにちは. So you actually started your career as a model and then ended up in Japan. I was studying Japanese earlier this year and was having a lot of fun with it, but just got too busy to devote the proper amount of time. How long were you there? How did you like it?

GH: I spent almost 10 years back and forth from Japan. I love it. I’ve always been fascinated with the culture and from my very first trip felt at home. I’m not one to ever be homesick anyway, but this place was special.

MN: How did you make the transition from modeling to acting? How did it come about, or what inspired the change?

GH: They actually are completely independent from each other. It was never a conscious decision to turn modeling into acting, and that can be a very misleading thing for people to believe. They are VERY different careers with different types of demands.

However, I can say that the travel, hours and scrutiny were great preparation for my life as an actor.

It is not an easy job, so I thank my years as a model for giving me the thick skin and perseverance I have now.

MN: You were in Baton Rouge for Mysterious Island. I’m from New Orleans; did you get a chance to see N.O. and eat some of the food? My ex- was vegan; she had a good time there but it was hard for her to find a lot of vegan options. (Don’t know if you’re vegan but I know you’re into into meditation and fitness.) How did the shoot go?

GH: I love the South. The shoot was so much fun, amazing locations. We had a big dinner in N.O and got to walk around and check out the city. It was amazing. Love the food, people and atmosphere. I am not a vegan, but I do try to eat clean and only free range in my diet. There are so many things to enjoy, it really doesn’t matter how picky you are … and hey, you can alway drink!

MN: You recently worked alongside the legendary Faye Dunaway in A Family Thanksgiving. What was that like?

GHShe is a true legend. I didn’t have any scenes with her, but her presence was undeniable. I stayed quiet and observed. Fascinating.

MN: What have been your most memorable roles, and why?

GHIt depends. Sometimes I reflect on who I met while working, and that is really important, and that I keep to myself. But as far a an actual character, I love AVP2 because I was such a fan growing up, and I also love playing a mom in Harper’s Island. It was a really great experience. But again, it changes from day to day role to role! I just feel lucky I get to play so many different types of people.

MN: You have a lot of roles in the horror / sci fi genre(s). Do you like those kinds of movies / books yourself, or was it just something that sort of developed on its own?

GHI‘ve always been a fan because of my big brother and what he exposed me to growing up. But as far as a career, it kind of just happened. It takes so much out of you emotionally to work in the genre.

A lot of stunts, crying and dying and anyone who knows me know how emotional and sensitive I am.

So I guess I’m really comfortable in the genre because I’m not afraid of showing the ugly side of myself. It’s a genre I hope I always get to play in…

MN: You started out in dance (classical ballet, tap, modern and musical theatre). Do you miss dance, or do you ever get roles that let you showcase some of those skills?

GHOh I love dance. I still dance all the time! Sometimes in class, but always in my living room with my headphones on!! I have yet to get a role that I get to use the skills. I would love to do any kind of dance movie/show. It would be amazing. Fingers crossed!!


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