How to Become a Model


How can I get started as a model?

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to become a model. It’s just that simple.

Here’s our advice:

1) Create a free profile someplace like Model Mayhem.

2) Get networking, get some photos TFP (“time for print”). Think of it as exchanging free modeling (your “time”) for free photos.

3) Build a portfolio, and then start looking for paid gigs by answering casting calls. Bring a chaperone if you feel better with one. It’s your right to have a chaperone; never be intimidated. Exercise common sense. Be professional at all times.

4) Contact modeling agencies and / or attend open agency calls.

5) To work fashion week, you could also check ads and / or post your profile at

How can I work fashion week?

To work the runway or other function during fashion week, check casting notices (you can find them on Craigslist, here, or Model Mayhem, among other places), or get into touch with event organizers directly.

As stated previously, you could also check ads and / or post your profile at

If you’re in London or New York, er, click “London” or “New York” to see upcoming schedules and what opportunities exist.

Are there really modeling scams out there?

Sadly, it’s true: modeling scams do exist. As a general rule of thumb, you probably shouldn’t be paying money upfront to anyone (including most “modeling schools” or classes). But if you want detailed advice, we highly recommend reading this helpful guide to modeling scams, and also this one.

Do you recommend any modeling agencies?

You can “get to know” people at agencies by reading our interviews. We also have a full list of top modeling agencies.

What are some other cool model-related sites? has a lot of information about agencies and top models, but we really do recommend Model Mayhem. Why? It’s free. Some very successful models have gotten their start there, and are still on there. With a little work, you can probably get all the photos you need and get started working right away. You don’t need to spend a bunch of money to become a model. It’s just that simple.

How can I be featured in Model News?

Info. here.



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