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Alyssandra Snows Takes Cover of L’Officiel Middle East

Alyssandra Snows on Cover of L’Officiel Middle East

by James MacLean

We recently had the chance to catch up with model Alyssandra Snows onsite while shooting the L’Officiel Middle East cover, and she offered to share her experience.

Q:Congratulations on the cover! Were you excited when they announced you’d be their cover girl?

Yes absolutely! It’s such an honor, and the shoot turned out to be so much fun!

Q:The pictures are beautiful. Tell us about the shoot.

We shot in New York at a penthouse on the 40th floor soaring over the local rooftops. The atmosphere was absolutely magical; Manhattan is wonderful for high fashion shoots. It has such special energy. And the L’Officiel Middle East team was absolutely amazing! The photographer Filippo Del Vita has done so many high-end covers, and absolutely knew what to do to create the perfect environment. Eloise Cheung, the hairstylist, and makeup artist Chichi Saito are so talented and made me feel so beautiful. The stylist Elena Moussa was also simply amazing!

Manhattan is wonderful for high fashion shoots.

Q:The dresses are quite elaborate. Is it difficult to move in those big, beautiful dresses?

I absolutely love huge princess dresses; they sometimes might not be the most comfortable pieces to wear, but the feeling when you wear them is so serene that it projects an almost immediate royal atmosphere. Moving in them can be a lot of fun, as you almost float in all the fabric. However, on this shoot, as you see I had to stand on a high table, in very high heels. Coupled with the wind, this made for a challenging pose. Honestly I almost fell down a couple of times … but in the end it was worth it.

Honestly I almost fell down a couple of times.

Q:One of the designer you wear in the shoot is Ingie Paris, who is originally Arab. What are your views on Middle Eastern designers?

I think many of them become super successful for a reason! The lines often are a mix of modern high fashion with a touch of Middle Eastern bling, that in my opinion is so beautiful! Sexy, but never too much. Elie Saab or Fouad Sarkis, for example: I think the the red carpet gowns are a dream. I also believe that Middle Eastern people and the culture are very fashion-oriented, especially in the more modernist areas like Dubai.

Q:Dubai is a long way from Los Angeles. Is it worth the trip?

Yes; it’s a 16-hour flight, but absolutely worth it! Emirates Air is wonderful, so you hardly notice the travel time.

Q:So if I follow your advice and take that trip, please give us a list of your favorite hotspots?

Hotels I love: The Four Seasons, or if you prefer to go super luxurious, Burj Al Arab. Zuma and Okku are incredible. Piere Chic is one of the most beautiful restaurants, and Jean George has the best food. The Dubai Mall is quiet an awesome experience to see as well, not only for shopping, but for a good work out too. If you can walk the whole mall, it’s enormous!


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